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I know and learn the English language started kindergarten sitting bench. From I know the names of the fruit, the names of the day, month names etc in English. I was pleased to learn the English language that is so very important in the world today even English has become the international language. In the beginning, I admit to learn that is not an everyday language we are indeed very difficult and I almost just feel despair when I studied foreign languages, namely, English.

When I entered elementary school I learned about English not only know the names of the fruit, the names of the day, the names of the month but I learned about the conversation among peers, talk to older people and it makes me more excited and more want to learn English in this. So I entered junior high school, I am still interested in learning English this, my favorite of the English language have resulted in the achievement of my report card grades each increase of over 80 classes starting from elementary to junior high. I follow the guidance outside of school to understand the English language, and I can get the science more interesting than what I get at school. This place my guidance I can learn not only about the language course but I can further know the culture, the culture and habits of people outside there.

And when I entered high school I find it difficult to learn English is because I was faced with a variety of formulas on grammar and it makes the values of duty, daily tests to replay the increase was not as good as the class of my time kindergarten, elementary, and junior high school , My guess right with the ability to understand the grammar of these limitations make the national final exam scores I could quite make me sad because I do not like the value of more friends. I was embarrassed with the value less than satisfactory, but I was determined to understand this grammar.

Now I entered college, and my prayer in our hearts is the subject no English language courses. But it is only a prayer and the reality of each semester in college I always learn English. Whether it’s learning about grammar, learn about writing a cover letter in English etc. So far I go back again keen to learn English by mastering vocabulary words to me when meeting with foreign people who use the English language I can can be an interlocutor.


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